hey hey - I'm Allie Beazell

Marketing leader & advisor for data and dev tools startups. 

Crafting highly-technical marketing strategies that feel human.

Formerly marketing @ Linear, Census, and Animalz

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I'm a fractional marketing leader focused on helping data and developer tools companies create marketing motions that feel human and prioritize end-user value (AKA leaving users better than you found them).

Over the last 7 years, I've focused on helping early-stage companies building for technical users stand up content, brand, growth, developer marketing, and product marketing motions (both in-house and at agencies).

Most recently, I led marketing at Linear and served as Marketing Chief of Staff at Census, where I led content, developer marketing, and brand.

I'm passionate about creating strategies and systems to empower marketing teams to do creative, genuine work, advocating for diversity in tech, writing literary fiction, and volunteering to support the environmental conservation of the deserts in the American southwest.

Before transitioning to tech, I worked as a political, financial, and healthcare journalist in my home-state of Colorado. I'm currently based in southern California and hold a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Technical Communications from Colorado State University.


My purpose - in work and in life - is to help people feel seen and known.

In marketing, this means centering strategies on the user and focusing on the value we create for them at each stage of their experience with us.

Great marketing is cultivated by marketing teams and fueled with the voices of practitioners and experts. It should prioritize value and human connection over vanity metrics and hype. 


Strategies are rooted in the needs of the users they're targeting, not just the goals of the business. 


Knowledge is shared from a desire to help the user, not condescend or obfuscate the topic. 


It takes a well-oiled, virtuous cycle of learning to create strategies for an evolving audience. 


Great marketing doesn't exist in a silo. Marketing strategies should be created in hand with product and sales teams. 

Let's work together

Fractional marketing director, project-specific contracts, and general marketing advising. 

Fractional marketing director

Focused on providing strategic guidance and practical solutions around various marketing functions, including brand, growth, product, community, developer, and content. Can include support for hiring and coaching of early marketing ICs. 


Short-term, project-based contracts aimed at helping founders and leaders quickly stand up pipelines for 1-2 marketing focus areas. 

General advising

Long-term advising agreements to provide founders and leaders with a sounding board for their marketing strategies and initiatives. 6+ months of support. 


I've been fortunate to work with many inspiring, high-growth teams and thought leaders across the data and dev tooling spaces. Here's what they have to say about working with me. 

"It was always a dream to work with Allie; she's organized, clear communicator, no bullshit, delivers what she says, and keeps you accountable. [...] If you have an opportunity to work with Allie, grab it." 

Stefania Olafsdottir

CEO and Co-Founder @ Avo (YC W19)

"I was always impressed by the intention and sequence in which Allie put things in motion. It's no wonder why her role expanded multiple times while I got to work with her. Allie has a rare set of skills that allows her to have expertise across developer marketing, content, developer experience, community-building, and events."

Josh Grose

Head of Growth @ Common Room

"Allie is just the type of person you want to work with. Not only is she whip-smart, but she works with unwavering integrity, and she has an uncanny ability to understand, manage, and communicate complex concepts and situations. She's easy to trust and consistently delivers above and beyond what she promises." 

Trevor Fox

Growth Consultant & Fractional Growth Lead


Let's create marketing magic.

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